Jouve-Cerebrals Test of Induction - Inductive Reasoning Assessment

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Embark on the Jouve-Cerebrals Test of Induction (JCTI), a test designed to probe the depths of your inductive reasoning. With a series of problems that challenge you to identify patterns and predict outcomes, the JCTI offers a thorough assessment of this crucial cognitive skill in an untimed, multiple-choice online format.

The Scientific Rigor of the JCTI

The JCTI is grounded in extensive empirical research, with its reliability and validity well-established. Notable for its robust Cronbach’s Alpha of .90, the JCTI is a proven reliable measure of inductive reasoning abilities1.

The test demonstrates significant relationships with established measures of cognitive ability, reflecting its effectiveness and accuracy as a tool for psychological assessment. For example, the JCTI shows strong correlations with various intelligence and even college admission measures, such as the SAT (r = .79, p < .01, N = 63). Numerous studies have been conducted over time, exploring its multifaceted dimensions2 3 4. With its adaptability and in-depth analytic capabilities, the JCTI is an invaluable resource for professionals in the field of psychological measurement.

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Author: Jouve, X.
Creation: 2003
Publication: 2011