Jouve Cerebrals Word Similarities Test - Comprehensive Verbal Assessment

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Embark on the Jouve Cerebrals Word Similarities (JCWS) Test, an untimed, open-ended verbal ability assessment with 150 problems designed to evaluate and vocabulary and reasoning skills. This adaptive assessment provides a comprehensive measure of your verbal abilities in a flexible and inclusive format, suitable for a diverse range of users.

Reliability and Validity of the JCWS Test

The JCWS test1, while very new, already demonstrates high internal consistency and reliability, evidenced by a Guttman's Lambda-6 coefficient of .98 (N = 31). This coefficient, a psychometric indicator for dichotomously scored items, confirms the robustness of the JCWS as a measure of vocabulary and verbal reasoning abilities.

In a preliminary study with a sample of 15 examinees, the JCWS showed a strong correlation (r > .90, p < .01) with standard verbal scores on both the WAIS and the RIAS. These initial findings, despite the modest sample size, are promising and suggest the JCWS test's potential as an effective tool for verbal assessment. Ongoing research with larger samples will be important to confirm these results.

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1 "Psychometric Properties Of The Jouve Cerebrals Word Similarities Test: An Evaluation Of Vocabulary And Verbal Reasoning Abilities", a paper by Jouve, X. (2023), provides with the psychometric validation of the JCWS test. For further insight into the study, visit: doi/04.2023/f470c0f86b4a684ba290

Author: Jouve, X.
Publication: 2023