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Explore the What's Next? (WN) Test, a pioneering nonverbal cognitive assessment designed to evaluate advanced cognitive abilities. This online, untimed, open-ended test consists of 81 unique problems, ideal for assessing highly gifted individuals.

Psychometric Excellence of the WN Test

Inspired by the well-regarded EPC1, the WN test, initially released in 2009 and revised in 2023, has shown strong psychometric properties. The first edition demonstrated high internal consistency, with a Cronbach's Alpha of .93. This statistic is a key indicator of reliability, reflecting the test's ability to consistently measure cognitive performance. Validity was substantiated through correlations with established cognitive tests such as the WAIS-III and APM, ranging from .76 to .92, indicating strong concurrent validity.2

The latest revision of the WN test further exhibited excellent reliability, evidenced by a Guttman's Lambda-6 coefficient of .95 (N = 94), reinforcing its consistency as a cognitive assessment tool.

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1 "Epreuve de Performance Cognitive", created by Jouve, X. (2005), provides psychologists with a reliable and valid instrument for assessing high potentials. Jouve, X. (2005). Epreuve de Performance Cognitive (EPC). Paris, France: Le Centre de Psychologie Appliquée.

2 "What's Next? - Psychometric Properties", a draft paper by Jouve, X. (2023), elaborates on the psychometric properties of the WN test. For more details, read the full text at: https://www.cogn-iq.org/articles/whats-next-iq-test-psychometric-properties.html

Author: Jouve, X.
Creation: 2009
Publication: 2023