JCCES-II - Crystallized Intelligence Assessment

Welcome to the Jouve-Cerebrals Crystallized Educational Scale - Second Edition (JCCES-II), a sophisticated tool designed to assess crystallized intelligence through verbal and mathematical abilities.


Explore Your Knowledge with JCCES-II

Engage with the JCCES-II to measure your acquired knowledge and cognitive skills. This assessment spans verbal comprehension, mathematical problem-solving, and general knowledge, reflecting a broad spectrum of educational skills.

Immediate, free feedback is provided. For a more detailed analysis, the Detailed Educational Skills Report is available, offering an in-depth review of your performance.

Curious about what insights you might discover? View a sample report and consider obtaining yours.

Author: Jouve, X., Wai, J., Watterson, J., Woodley, M., Faverio, M. C., Lindgren, K., Whitley, J., & Freitas, N.
Creation: 2004
Publication: 2023