Jouve-Cerebrals Crystallized Educational Scale - Second Edition

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The JCCES-II signifies a major advancement over the JCCES. Building on the original JCCES's legacy, the updated version maintains a three-part structure, mirroring the historical composition of Verbal Analogies (VA), Mathematical Problems (MP), and General Knowledge (GK), but offers deeper exploration into each area.

  • Linguistic Reasoning and Analysis, evolving from VA, evaluates verbal comprehension and reasoning through complex analogies and sequences.
  • Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, originating from MP, focuses on mathematical problem-solving capabilities.
  • Broad Spectrum Information, an enhanced version of GK, tests knowledge across diverse domains.

The JCCES-II not only retains its fundamental structure but also enriches the assessment of crystallized intelligence and educational skills, making it an essential tool for professionals in educational and psychological fields. It is more than a measurement instrument; it's a comprehensive resource for cognitive evaluation, educational planning, and research.

The father of the JCCES-II, the original JCCES, has long demonstrated strong relationships with other cognitive tests and college assessments as shown by Jouve (2010), who detailed the strong correlations between JCCES CEI and various intellectual assessments including the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)1.

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1 "Relationship between Jouve Cerebrals Crystallized Educational Scale (JCCES) Crystallized Educational Index (CEI) and Cognitive and Academic Measures", an article by Jouve (2010), provides details on the strong correlations between JCCES CEI and various intellectual assessments, reinforcing the test's validity. Discover more here: cogniqblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/correlations-between-jcces-and-other.html.

Author: Jouve, X., Wai, J., Watterson, J., Woodley, M., Faverio, M. C., Lindgren, K., Whitley, J., & Freitas, N.
Creation: 2004
Publication: 2023