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I Am a Word Test - Revised

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Engage with the I Am a Word (IAW) Test, an innovative verbal ability assessment. Launched in 2011 and revised in 2023, the IAW test offers a set of verbal problems designed to evaluate and provide a reliable view of verbal skills in an untimed, open-ended format. This approach aims to create a more inclusive and engaging cognitive assessment experience, accommodating a broad spectrum of users.

Empirical Foundations and Advanced Analytics of the IAW Test

The IAW test is validated by comprehensive empirical research and advanced statistical analyses. With a high Cronbach’s Alpha of .95 (N = 1,083), indicating strong internal consistency, and a range of IRT analyses affirming the test's psychometric properties, the IAW test stands as a reliable measure of verbal ability.

Item-level analyses confirm the discrimination potential of the IAW test items, ensuring that each problem accurately gauges verbal ability. Comparative analyses with established measures like the WAIS-III VCI (r = .82, p < .01, N = 100) and the RIAS VIX (r = .84, p < .01, N = 98) demonstrate the concurrent validity of the IAW test scores, further establishing its place as a trusted tool in verbal ability assessment1.

Norms are extensively calibrated, catering to a wide age range of examinees from 14 to 75+ years old, ensuring accurate and relevant scoring for most users.

The test's design accommodates diverse respondent styles and promotes a more representative assessment environment, free from the constraints of timed testing. Professional clients benefit from a customized test platform, ensuring seamless integration with their systems and practices.

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1 "I Am A Word Test: An Open-Ended And Untimed Approach To Verbal Ability Assessment", a paper by Jouve, X. (2023), analyzes the rigorous validation process and the methodologies employed in the development of the IAW test. Explore the research here: doi/04.2023/81ff0b7c84034cf673f2

Author: Jouve, X.
Creation: 2011
Publication: 2023